People’s preoccupation with self made boundaries bemuse me. They burn for their country. They fight for their province. Yet they are least bothered by the limits set by nature. They cross it. They cross it again.

It is obvious to me somehow, that a cone cannot stand upside down on a plane surface. I do not know how I learned this, but in a very similar fashion I also understood that people gradually learn to co-exist as they keep getting used to their surroundings. With passing time. Or so I believed. 

People are fighting more. The victor is burning more. The gases are polluting more. The air is killing more. These make me rethink. Does time really make us more intelligent or does it give us more opportunities to brandish our stupidity? We are continuously forgetting how to co-exist. We keep inventing new inconveniences. For our supposed convenience. We let that become our master. We serve that commodity. We work for that while harming the luxury we have. Be it the geographical boundaries or the currency. Such well thought out procedures meant for easier proceedings. But where is the convenience? We uproot lives to serve both of them. Human lives for the former, vegetation for the latter. A cushion which we were gifted. We are tearing on that cushion so wildly that there is nothing left except a little halo. That of the things we destroyed. It’s a desperate scream. 

The cushion which could have saved the fragile cone from breaking if it fell. We are trying to make the cone stand upside down without the cushion. A small perturbation will be enough to make it fall. When it falls, the pieces will be so much in number and of so many types that you cannot remodel the cone again. You can only play with the remnant. But the cone is still there to be saved. It has not broken yet. Evolve. Evolve, so that you can continue to exist. Or rather co-exist.