A build like that of Hogwarts. And a name reminding me the good not-so-old days of the red devils. It is not very difficult to find things to fall in love with here. Not just for me. But for anybody. Someone needs to be really pathetic to hate their time at Fergusson. This does not mean that there is nothing forgettable about the place. Sure, there is. But when you are provided with the whole spectrum, you have the freedom to choose the regime that suits you. 

It did not take me much time to understand that Fergusson is a zoo with tremendous variety. Infact, a sanctuary in that sense. You are under check, yes. But not imprisoned. The code of the attendance problem is not a very difficult one to decrypt. There is no obligation to look like a zebra (the law students, that is). Neither do you need to smoke or start drinking to stamp your coming of age. Seniors acknowledge the fact that there is a culture different from the one of that of NCC and that there is no use doing something which encourages their juniors to make use of even more expletives than the ones which they are anyways going to hear. They prefer to be friends rather than officers-in-command. No one tells you what to do. And even if they do, you can fearlessly choose whether to listen to them. People at Fergusson do allow the grass to grow. And the wind to flow. The pages you write while at Fergusson, reveal the notes of a refreshing evening music. Or the one of a lazy afternoon. The only instance when your eyebrows may cringe is while taking observations in the physics laboratory. Precise instruments are a boon, yes. But it seems like the department of physics has signed an agreement or something of the sort with that of zoology to accelerate the evolution process of the human eyes. Perhaps to aid the latter in their research. But whatever it is, I was not able to come up with any other reason which could explain the attempt  to make us resolve calibrations of 0.001 centimeters through a lens when you can always digitalise.

This brings me to something to rant about. All is not merry at FC. It is not a fairy tale afterall. Life at Fergusson does tend to survival sometimes. Like when you have to deal with gits calling it FC College. I can suppress my urge to stab that someone on the chest a thousand times, if it happens to be an outsider. We expect deceit from strangers in this skeptic world. Even our mothers taught us to refuse toffees from Amit Ji for the same reason (cited: KHNH). But the ones from our very own college, whom we were supposed to treat as brothers? Even they? If I were to send them to USA, they would perhaps write USA America on their visa and land up in FC College again. USA has already suffered enough, what with the eternal love story of the jehadis and the states. What with the white house soon turning orange. What with … well let us leave it at that. Because apart from this very serious issue, there are a few trifles which I would like to munch upon. 

Waiting for the grass to grow may even get on your nerve sometimes. Or letting the wind to blow for that case. Like while trudging along the FC ground and the sand there giving you a facepalm.The stagnancy of the lazy afternoon may well limit you sometimes. I do not know if it is still going to be true with FC being christened with autonomy. I think not. I hope not. But the stagnancy is so pronounced for us that even an alumni from over tens of years ago can relate with us. It makes you happy when it is about sitting in that same place as they used to or organizing Frontiers like they used to. But it does make you really frustrated when they can even relate with the syllabus, or with the examination questions or even with our lab experiments. This stagnancy encapsulates almost everything that I wanted to rant about. But it is not very outlandish to hope the red-tapism to go alongwith the advent of autonomy, I suppose.

Talking of red-tapism, one tends to have a lot to say about the non teaching staff of such colleges. And few of that counts as compliment. Even at Fergusson, the life of the office staff does revolve around lunch, as if they pack insulin injections for their meal. But the brothers, my mother does not even know she has, the mamas, can make any inside job seem to be a cakewalk. The assurance of a few things remaining unchanged sometime brings that relaxed smile on your face. Parle-G at Anna, for instance. Kyuki kuchh cheeze waisi hi achhi lagti hai. Or the daily dose of Vande Mataram. And many more such things which are there to stay and which should.

Stagnancy gives you an identity. Something to expect. A sense of homecoming when you start to feel tired of surprises. But is this static and rigid phenomena what you need? I do not think so. Equilibrium can very well serve the same purpose as stagnancy. Equilibrium allows for dynamics to take place and yet not change the thing at hand completely. Letting go of things which we do not need and inviting newer things which will make us better. A balance between camouflage and a rigid identity. Flexiblity.

Friends are the central big piece of the jigsaw puzzle that life at college is. If not better, they make it easier to complete the puzzle. It would have been impossible to make out anything of anything without them. I am fortunate to have had a few great friends throughout. 

And I feel equally fortunate to have got continuous opportunities to get a taste of the flavours prevalent outside the boundaries of the college. Be it attending the various camps or workshops or being a part of some fellowships. These things have helped me to learn a lot about the things I love (including me) and I attribute a lot of credit of having got these opportunities to the fact that I am a Fergussonian. This really is a part of the dynamism I am talking about which comes from being in a city as dynamic as Pune. Fergusson is indeed dynamic in this sense. This makes me to jump. But these dynamics are serendipitous. FC does not highlight the need for dynamism. It needs to welcome change with open arms. A change which has started to take place.