Once in a while, you might have been able to witness the best that the nature has to provide. When you had managed to break free of the shackles that exist only in your mind. 

And non-existent otherwise. 

The best of the nature is depicted in the grandeur that the mountains represent. In the fear that the depth of the ocean instills. In the stubbornness that the huge rocks harbour. In the mystery which the wilderness preserves. In the absolute involuntary swiftness with which a fire spreads. And in the infinity which the outer space boasts about.

But this grandeur of the mighty, fear of the unknown, stubbornness of the undeterred, mystery of the unexplored, swiftness of the uncontrolled and infinity of the incomprehensible is subject to our exclamation. The same is not true for all other worlds and all other beings. 

The mighty has lost many a battles to determination. Of rivers and of humans alike, who have managed to make their way through and around its grandeur. 

The fear of the depth is not really much of a fear when you understand that there is life deep down there. A life very similar to the one you breath. When you realise that the one you breath is only derived from the one you fear, the unfair importance of the depth dies. A tree values its roots only as much as it values the fruit sitting atop. 

The undeterred is also the one which is brittle. It is eventually put off by the beauty which it beholds, which it falls for. A mistake which it is addicted to committing. It keeps overlooking the fact that the brilliance of a diamond is only a disguise to hide its sharp edges. Just as the thorns are for the rose. A disguise.

The unexplored is like the fog which could not be caught, but can certainly be looked through when a loud enough light is made to shine on it. 

While the light does not make the infinity incomprehensible for us intentionally, it ends up separating us from that as it itself is finite in its reach. The light is actually a wall which unknowingly decides what should remain observable for us out of all that actually exists. But there is no use repenting as this is what it is until we find a better servant than light, which perhaps will stop underperforming when it ceases to be as double faced as it is now. Which is never going to happen perhaps. And we do not need to fear the incomprehensible either as we too are infinite for the infinity.

The uncontrolled is only so because it requires a guardian which would stop being complacent at all. If the growth is continuosly being shunted by a strict onlooker, it can very well be tamed. As has been done and is being done by kings. Time and again.

So are we really beyond the reach of nature? 

This is not even a question. We are nature. Nothing is beyond it. Like all these, we too are the best of nature. We are so very intelligent that we are dumb. Continuously being beaten and bruised by our other companions whenever we end up trying too hard to go beyond something which we are essentially a part of. The scores are always settled. It is always being taken care of by an invincible king which rules everything else that is there in the nature. Even us.

The best of nature is not really the nature at its best. The best of nature lies in what nature chooses to endorse itself through. Nature at its best is the continual work that it desires not to bring into the spotlight. The best is in the commonplace and the omnipresent. And therefore, the unobvious. Wind is where the nature is at its best. Something which the nature knows would be taken for granted.

Without the wind, the ocean and seas would die. We ourselves would cease to exist, along with the wilderness. Although I am not sure whether I should have differentiated between us and the wild as the cities are far wilder than the forests can ever be. The heartless and therefore, the vulnerable mountains and rocks would have taken up the reign, if not for the wind. Which makes the water to keep cutting them apart lest they instigate a coup. Nothing terrorises the fire like the wind does. The fire can unleash its full wrath only when the wind is on its side and and not against it. He is a ruler who is fond of justice, which organises everything and ensures that everything is distributed as everything needs to be, according to him. The rain, the heat and the cold, the vegetation, the energy and everything else. The distribution can be argued against, of course. But there is nothing we or anyone else can do about it as it is the king who has the final say. We do too much to change the order and the king himself or through its other subjects shows us where we actually stand in the scheme of things. It keeps moving about to supervise whether things are being played around with. It is present everywhere and still moving. It can roar when it wants to. So much so that we cannot hear ourselves speak. It can wreak havoc. It can uproot everything no matter how deeply it is rooted. 

Let us not try to win against him. As it makes sense to let him have the throne. He is all of us and only a bit different than us in the sense that it is more dynamic than any of us. It has to see everything whether it wishes to or not. Having power seldom leaves you with choices. This responsibility would have been too much for us. So it makes sense to let him have the throne. As among all of us, he was the one who chose not to remain condensed and stay put. He is all of us and yet not like any of us.